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Gemini: Binary Conflict

Welcome to Gemini! A binary planet system orbiting a red dwarf host star. You join us in the midst of a skirmish between the inhabitants of two worlds who are on the brink of all out war.

The Avians (an enlightened bird-like species) occupy the original homeworld, with their distant cousins, the Trivexians (an aggressive reptile species) inhabiting its twin. Both planets originally had temperate climates with resources to spare, and while the Avians had the foresight to maintain and protect their biosphere, the Trivexians were careless and greedy, reducing their world to an arid, almost lifeless desert.

As resources diminished, the Trivexians became envious of their Avian cousin's world, with its tantalising oceans and luscious purple vegetation. Following a number of incursions to take back what they believed was rightfully theirs, the fighting ensued. Join the battle, pick a side, fight for a cause, and destroy the enemy.

'Gemini: Binary Conflict' is a multiplayer, class based, first person shooter set in an exotic environment with a bold visual style. In-game you will find some unconventional weaponry, equipment, armour, class roles and modes. The game aims to provide a subtle mixture of mechanics both familiar and unusual to create a unique and engaging gameplay experience.